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Wisibles relieves you from ongoing aintenance costs, ensuring a budget- friendly solution for efficient school management.

Information at Your Fingertips:

No more school rushes! Parents can skip queues and find answers to admission queries, student progress reports, and fee management effortlessly.

One-Click Convenience:

All procedures are just a click away on a single platform. The smart alert system ensures parents are always in the loop about their child's latest school updates.

Stay Ahead with Alerts:

Circulars, syllabus changes, and event news – parents stay updated on their ward's school journey, all with the convenience of this top-notch school software.

Open Channels of Communication:

Effortlessly connect with the principal, class teacher, and subject instructors. Plus, receive daily remarks about your child's progress, directly from the teachers.


Experience education like never before with our groundbreaking school software!

Beyond Classroom Boundaries:

Unleash learning potential with the ultimate school software. Explore syllabus details, tackle assessments, and submit homework – all in a few clicks.

Homework, Upgraded:

Say goodbye to traditional assignments. This software supports various formats, making submitting and checking homework an engaging digital experience.

Leave Requests Made Simple:

Applying for leave is a breeze with this advanced school software. No paperwork, just a few clicks, and you're sorted.

Never Miss a Beat:

Stay on top of online classes and quizzes effortlessly. This smart software sends timely reminders so students never miss out on important sessions.

Full View of Student Life:

Dive into a world of essential info – from attendance records to timetables and vital circulars – all accessible within this ingenious software.

E-Learning Evolution:

Immerse in the future of learning! This software offers an E-learning hub with presentations, audio lessons, and videos, ensuring students grasp concepts with ease.


Step into a world of teaching excellence with our brilliant school software!

Performance Insights, Made Fun:

Teachers dive into student progress with engaging graphical dashboards. This software transforms data into easy-to-grasp visuals, making analysis a breeze.

Customized Performance Check:

Whether it's the entire class or individual students, this school software offers teachers a hassle-free way to assess performance across various aspects.

Lesson Planning Perfected:

Bid farewell to planning pitfalls! This software ensures meticulous lesson plans, paving the way for seamless learning progression.

Beyond Quizzes:

Engaging Quizzes: Teachers unlock a realm of possibilities with online quizzes, audio lessons, and video explanations. Learning becomes an immersive adventure!

Linking for Live Learning:

Connect like never before. With a single link, teachers bring students directly to live classes. It's a smart design for seamless connectivity.

School Management

Unleash administrative prowess with our cutting-edge school software!

Admin Magic:

Trouble-Free: Say goodbye to administrative chaos! This software transforms intricate tasks into a breeze. Interactive dashboards make accessing info a snap.

Graphical Insights, Decisions Made:

Dive into data like never before. High authorities visualize progress and make informed decisions, paving the way for organizational success.

Principal's Power:

Empower principals! They easily view comprehensive student and staff attendance data, plus eye-catching admission insights, all in one glance.

Financial Wizardry:

Navigate finances with flair. The fee dashboard is a highlight, showcasing day-wise collections and dues, offering financial clarity like never before.

Simplify & Elevate School Management with
Our Intelligent Modules

Student Information System

Admission Management

Academics Management


Library Management

Parent-Teacher Communication

Lesson Planner

Fee Management

Transport Management


Hostel Management


5C Approach

Wisibles' 5C Approach
is a framework for helping schools improve their performances

Wisibles relieves you from ongoing aintenance costs, ensuring a budget- friendly
solution for efficient school management.


Wisibles helps schools to improve communication and collaboration between educators, parents, and students. This can lead to better decision-making, improved student outcomes, and a more positive school climate.


Wisibles helps schools to collaborate more effectively with each other. This can lead to the sharing of best practices, the development of new programs, and the improvement of student outcomes.


Wisibles helps schools to create a culture of continuous improvement. This can lead to the identification and implementation of new ideas, the improvement of existing practices, and the overall improvement of the school.


Wisibles helps schools to improve their curriculum. This can lead to the development of more engaging and effective lessons, the improvement of student learning, and the preparation of students for college and careers.


Wisibles helps schools to build stronger relationships with their communities. This can lead to increased parental involvement, the support of businesses and organizations, and the improvement of the school's reputation.


With WISIBLES ERP, Birla Open Minds International School experienced a remarkable transformation. Not only did our operational efficiency improve, but we also saved over 25% annually through streamlined processes and reduced administrative overhead. The growth has been exponential, with a 35% increase in student admissions and an enriched learning environment.
Mr. Narasimhan

Birla Open Minds International School

With WISIBLES ERP, we found more than just software; we found a complete solution. The integration of ERP and LMS has transformed our teaching methods, making them interactive and engaging. The dedicated support and constant innovations from the WISIBLES team have truly set them apart.

Mr. Bhargav

Samasthi International School

Pragna Schools' partnership with WISIBLES ERP has been a game-changer. The automation and integration of modules saved us over 20% annually in time and resources. Our growth journey has been phenomenal, with a 30% rise in parent satisfaction, contributing to a 15% boost in student enrollment
Mr. Naidu Chakranag

Pragna Schools

Ready to Revolutionize Your School Management? 
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Elevate Learning Excellence with WISIBLES

Unveil the power of the Most Comprehensive School Management System with our game-changing Hybrid Training System.

Empowering School Management

We're not just about training; we're about nurturing expertise. Our program ensures your management are well equipped with the knowledge and skills to light up young minds.

Anywhere, Anytime Learning

With our hybrid approach, management can embark on their training journey whenever and wherever suits them best. It's learning on their terms.

Hybrid Brilliance

Experience the perfect blend of traditional wisdom and cutting-edge techniques. Our training marries the best of both worlds for a holistic learning journey.

Join Us In Shaping Empowered Educators Through Our Immersive Training Experience!

Experience Efficiency with Wisibles

1,000 students could save 10 hours weekly per staff member.

Unlock Savings with Wisibles

Save Upto 30% in time and 10% yearly in printing and postage.

And that's not all

Wisibles can increase fee collection by 100%!

100% Complete Customization

White Label Saas Solutions

Secured Backup & Encryption

Fees management, Simplified

Ready to Revolutionize Your School Management?

Discover Wisibles & Ask Yourself, 'Why Wait?


Frequently Asked Questions

Wisibles school management software has been developed to streamline all the tasks of running a school. The centralised dashboard helps all stakeholders, teachers, and students to access vital information anytime.

Wisibles is designed for schools, colleges, and educational institutions of all sizes and levels, from pre-schools to universities.

Wisibles offers a range of features including admission management, fee collection, attendance tracking, communication tools, examination management, and more.

Yes, Wisibles can be customized to meet the needs of both public and private educational institutions.

Yes, Wisibles is a cloud-based software, offering easy access from anywhere with an internet connection.

Unlock a Smarter School Future with Wisibles - Join the Transformation!


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