Wisibles ERP is a cutting-edge and comprehensive School Management Software designed to revolutionize the way educational institutions operate. Its advanced features and user-friendly interface, will enable and streamline all aspects of school administration, empowering educators, administrators, and parents alike.

From student enrollment and attendance tracking to fee management, homework assignments, exams, and performance reporting, Wisibles seamlessly manages the entire student life cycle. The system's robust encryption ensures data security and privacy, giving schools peace of mind while handling sensitive information.

What sets Wisibles ERP apart is its exceptional speed and efficiency, making it the fastest student management solution available. Schools can now automate routine tasks, freeing up valuable time for educators to focus on teaching and student development.

Experience the power of Wisibles and unlock the
full potential of your school's capabilities.

Furthermore, Wisibles is customizable to cater to the unique needs of each educational institution. Administrators can tailor the software to suit their specific workflows and preferences, creating a personalized experience that enhances productivity and optimizes school operations.

With dedicated tech support and a team of experts always at hand, Wisibles ensures a smooth and hassle-free implementation process. Schools can rely on timely assistance and guidance, making the transition to Wisibles ERP a seamless one.

Join the ranks of forward-thinking schools that have embraced Wisibles ERP to elevate their educational standards, foster better communication, and pave the way for a brighter future in learning.


We aspire to empower over
600,000+ students and 1,000+
schools within one year in a
digitally connected Bharat.


To simplify school management
with SaaS, empower educators to
nurture Bharat's future talents by
eliminating manual tasks


Unveiling Wisibles: Where Features Spark and Benefits Shine!

Wisibles relieves you from ongoing maintenance costs, ensuring a budget- friendly solution for efficient school management.

Wisibles provides a comprehensive ERP solution at a cost-effective price, maximizing the value of your investment.

With its intuitive design, Wisibles offers effortless navigation, reducing training time and boosting operational efficiency.

Unveiling Wisibles: Where Qualities Spark and Positives Shine!

Enjoy the flexibility of cloud-based access, allowing you to manage school operations anytime, anywhere.

Wisibles enhances data security by offering role-specific access, ensuring sensitive information is accessible only to authorized personnel.

Wisibles stands out with its rapid and hassle-free implementation, saving time and resources during adoption.

Wisibles delivers superior Return on Investment compared to other ERPs, optimizing your school's operational performance.

Our Team

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Mr. Srinivas Ghanta

Founder, MD

SandBlaze Digitals

Wisibles School ERP

Mr. Mahesh Posa

Project Manager

Full Stack Developer 

Tech Lead


Anudeep Naik

Strategic Advisor

Ex- Leadschool,

Teachmint and KPMG

Ms. Deepanwita Nandi

Brand Manager

IIT-Delhi Certified

Ex- Entrepreneur

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