Our Journey

The Evolution of WISIBLES: A Journey Through Innovation

Embarking on a Digital Odyssey

LAUNCHED SANDBLAZE: An Education-Centric Digital Marketing Agency

Unveiling the Need

As we explore education, we envision an ERP with an LMS to revolutionize it.

Birth of Wisibles

Empowering education - fostering efficiency, collaboration, and innovation.

First Sale

Partnered with a pilot school of 3000 students, securing a 10-year contract

Recognized by Startup India

Recognized for transforming educational operations through innovation

Partnering with School Giants

We expanded to 50 schools, including group schools, across AP, TG, and KTK

The 1K Ambitious Horizon

Impact 1,000 schools, revolutionizing education with technology.

Today, as we stand here, the journey of WISIBLES is a tale of innovation, dedication, and transformation. From a Digital Marketing Agency to a recognized ERP-LMS solution, our path has been defined by a commitment to education and a drive to shape the future of learning.

Join us on this transformative journey.

Elevate with WISIBLES where technology meets education, and possibilities become reality.

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